Georgio Armani

Giorgio Armani was born on July 11th, 1934 in Piacenza, Italy. He grew up wanting to become a doctor but the sight of blood put a crook in that needle and so he turned his sights to fashion. He was hired to work in fashion and visual merchandising with the largest Italian department store at the time, La Rinescente, in Milan, Italy. He then migrated into design and worked as an assistant under Nino Cerruti. As an assistant for 6 years he knew that he wanted to make his own mark in the fickle but fantasy laden world of fashion and with $10k (which he acquired by selling his Volkswagen) he and partner, Sergio Galeotti, founded his own ready-to-wear line of men’s clothing. One year later he launched the women’s RTW line.

From bare bones to $1billion in yearly sales, Giorgio became a fashion icon. He came from a war-torn childhood of being awoken in the middle of the night to hide in the bomb shelter under their home. His childhood home was bombed and destroyed and it was very difficult for his father to provide for the family. Armani gives credit to his mother for being the reason he went into fashion. “She always ensured that my brother, sister and I were immaculately dressed. She was herself and innately elegant woman. In memory of her I named my yacht ‘Mariu’, which is the southern Italian dialect for Maria.”

But what took Giorgio Armani to superstardom? Yes, he had a wonderful philosophy and talent. His prose that clothes are not a decoration but meant to make a person feel confident and comfortable was and still is an intimate liaison for his customers, but what was that something more? In the 1980’s Armani began to recognize the platform of marketing through movies. He secured the wardrobe design for Richard Gere in the “American Gigolo” film. A film that not only launched Richard Gere into the heaven’s but brought Armani’s name into everyone’s kitchen (and on their screen). 

His designs became larger than life. Armani was one of the first designers to seek out celebrities to wear his designs. 

Today, he is emperor of over 2000 stores worldwide and his empire consists of sub-brands such as; Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Perfume, Occhiali (eyewear), A/X Armani Exchange, golf, swimwear, underwear, & accessories.

He remains dedicated to his belief that to create exceptionally one must preen their eyes to the smallest of details. His most poignant quote to date, “remain true to yourself and your philosophy. Changing in the face of adversity will in fact diminish your credibility” has noticeably been a rabbit’s foot in his pocket.

Featured below is Emporio Armani 2012 SPRING photographed by Alasdair McLellan in Hong Kong. Classic, Powerful, Confident, and Comfortable.

New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year, a new month, a new day. I’m not interested in posting a new year’s resolution diorama. Resolutions are made to instill pressure and guilt. I prefer to think of resolutions as a new path, a new way to BEa BETTER way to journey.

No matter the change, the idea is to not give yourself a time limit (this makes you anxious) and not to regulate a journal (this makes you depressed AND anxious). Just ease into your new habits…replacing the ones that made you want to changewith habits you want to keep. We are creatures of habit. We are also pack driven, no not the six pack, the peeps’ pack. Humans tend to emulate those around them.

I’m not saying you should dump your buddies…but if you are trying to make a serious change in your life, for example let’s say you want to eat healthier and lose weight (most popular “New Years Resolution”) it could be helpful not to hang out with the McDonald’s frequent flyers. Change is hard. I know. I have made a major change with this new year and I can say this method is working brilliantly. I have replaced the bad with the good. I have developed a replacement habit. I stay away from my pressure points and when I get tempted I have a visual diversion to keep me grounded and strong.


No, it’s not new age, it’s training the mind. Our mind is tricky and clever and you must be cunning. Perhaps it could be likened to a chess game. Just remember, if you lose the first set there is always a new game you can start. Be dedicated for a win.

Whatever your goals and wishes are for change, I truly wish for your success. It is not easy but it CAN be done. Day by day, … realize the need, resolve the reason, replace the habit.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite quotes:



Today in HISTORY…THE BOSTON TEA PARTY of 1773. Colonists in Massachusetts exercised their fashion sense by dressing up as Mohawk Indians. They then boarded 3 Tea Ships (Darmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver) as they were docking in the Boston Harbor and dumped $18k worth of British Tea into the waters of Boston.

This was to defy the bullying of British Parliament and their Tea Act of 1773 which gave them a monopoly on American tea trade. The Continental Congress was formed after the British response to the Tea Party became more than the colonists could take. Thus began the American Revolution.

But why did they dress up like Mohawk Indians? Yes, they wanted to disguise their true identity and who better to point the finger to than indians. The indians were already “the enemy” but also the Mohawk image was emerging as a revolutionary symbol of liberty. To this day, the MOHAWK is a symbol of rebellion, courage, and admonition for unfair rules.

Mohawk Indians inspire todays fashion:

When a child dies….

When a child dies…

What do you say to the parents?

Do you say..”I’m so sorry for your loss”? Do you say..”I know how you must feel”? Do you say…”I can’t imagine how you are dealing with this”?…Is there anything you can say that can really help them? Can you REALLY imagine their pain?

I have been crying all day for this little boy, Drake Holder, the son of a past friend of mine. A boy I have never met. But still, I cry. I thank God my two boys are still breathing, still living, still here for me to hug and watch grow up.

This is what I did say.

God must have really loved you to have shared his angel with you these past years.

God must have really needed Drake to come home for something really special. God must have had something special, really special, only Drake could do. Be ok. Be ok…because he is in God’s hands.

He is home.

My Mom’s POEM

“The Journey”

A journey is not a trip.

A journey is not a vacation.

A journey is not departing toward a pre-planned destination.

A journey is life itself.

We each have a journey as unique, private, and personal as our toothbrush.

With a definite beginning and certain ending.

The journey is constant-though it ebbs and flows, comforts and bruises, exalts and discourages. Amazingly, one may reclaim, relive and retrieve bits and pieces of the journey at any time.

Therein lies the blessing, the reward-or perhaps the curse. The marvelous miracle of memory can return us to pleasant places or to times best forgotten; recall a long-lost thrill to make us smile again.

It is as easy as pressing “enter” on a computer keyboard and in varying degrees, is available to any of us. I know,… I hear my 90 year old husband suddenly recall a happy incident from the cob webs of years past. Though often he cannot recall what he had for lunch the past hour.

Test that memory button often, as long as the journey lasts. For us to ponder an important question:

Does the person create the journey – or does the journey create the person?

My beautiful Mom

My Veteran Dad

San Francisco

Before our Big Sur expedition, my husband and I stayed in San Francisco a few days. We stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel called Hotel Vitale (HV)which was right across the street from the EMBARCADERO. We chose this hotel because of it’s sleek style and because it is a pet friendly hotel.The hotel restaurant served wonderful food that accommodated our vegetarianism and it had outdoor seating allowing one to enjoy the famous California weather and people watching.

We did the normal touristy things that tourists do;we rode the trolleys,                                                                                     we toured China town,

we toured The Haight (primary site for Summer of Love 1967) and ate at Red Victorian,

we made a point to check out the infamous VESUVIO bar where I met Einstein’s twin brother and I swear I saw the papa Vampire there in a corner (completely decked out in a black waistcoat, ruffled white shirt, tall black boots, and of course, the black top hat and black round sunglasses, but I was too nervous to ask for a photo.

We walked forever and our feet hurt.

We rode the ferry to Sausalito and visited the yacht club, we saw the Row Houses.

we met many interesting homeless people who seemed to be, strangely enough, quite happy.

I wouldn’t be a true fashion blogger if i didn’t mention how sad it was to see the old Levi Strauss factory on Battery Street. It gave me a real sense of doom to witness with my own eyes how our country (government and people alike) have sold out to “cheap” and “made in China” while at the same time devastatingly damaging our culture, our economy, and our manufacturing world. Originality and fine dressing has now sold out to H&M and Target and Walmart. I apologize for the rant, and I shop it all the aforementioned stores, but it makes me sad to see first hand the changes.                                                                  

Enough blah, blah!


  • The city was originally called YEARBA BUENA, spanish meaning” good grass“. What kinda grass do you think they meant?
  • SF is the 4th richest city in the WORLD…#1 is New York, #2 is Moscow, and #3 is London.
  • SF has the largest CHINESE community outside of China.
  • Denim Blue Jeans were invented in SF primarily for the use of the Gold Rush miners.
  • The Godfather trilogy was written in SF and Al Capone spent 5 years at Alcatraz (which is viewable from the shore).
  • The Chinese Fortune Cookie was invented in San Francisco by Makato Hagiwara.
So San Francisco! So rich. So wonderful. So full of cool history. Go, people…GO!