I woke up like this

I woke up like this



Tom Ford sunglasses

Lips makeup
$22 – stelly.com.au


[The following is a re-blog from my post in 2011]

MEDITATION is the practice of clearing the mind, allowing it to become RELAXED and inwardly FOCUSED. Meditation relieves you of your external environment which can be full of stress/worries. It allows you to cultivate an inner state that is one-pointed and still. Your mind and your body slip into a smooth RELEASE and the mind falls silent.

Meditation is an age-old practice. In over 1,000 published research studies various methods of meditation have been linked to changes in metabolism, blood pressure, brain activation, and other bodily processes, especially as a method of stress and pain reduction.

I am relatively new to meditating and at first it was very difficult to sit still, to find a comfortable position, to prohibit my bouncing mind from wandering (a continual difficulty) but I’m making progress and I am definitely feeling more centered and in control of my habits, stress points, and negative tendencies.

Many people in the west mistakenly point to meditating as a form of Buddhist worship. This is an erroneous judgement that one should consider gaining wisdom about before they remark a falsehood. Meditation is a broad and encompassing subject and can be a valuable tool when one is interested in going deeper into understanding life and it’s complexities.

I will lift up my hands toward your commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on your statutes.

— Psalm 119:48 ESV


“When you meditate long…the glory of the Divine shines forth. You realize then that all along there was something tremendous within you, and you did not know it.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda


Let’s Cruise

Let's Cruise

Eleven Paris

2003 and two friends bring on a new brand called Eleven Paris in a small studio in Paris. Since then they have grown into an ultra contemporary collection of T’s and frocks for men and women with a splash of accessories and a few kid’s sizes. What makes the brand a bit different is the marriage it arranged with indie music/ fashion party scenes / and hip hop cult references via the cool t-shirts that are meant to be worn with…well, everything and anything. The designs are influenced by people, places, music and art which result in urban silhouettes featuring famous faces with a pop of pulp punk and you’ve got yourself a very cool get up. Check ’em out… http://www.elevenparis.com/en/


11 paris 2 11paris 10

You gotta love the mustache shirts..available on http://www.elevenparis.com
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 8.26.19 AM

The latest from the Eleven Paris crew are the World Cup 2014 graphic T collection:


elevenparis-world-cup-shirts2 elevenparis-world-cup-shirts5 Brazilian elevenparis-world-cup-shirts6 elevenparis-world-cup-shirts2

…and if you have the time check out this video of their recent 11th anniversary party. Looks like they had quite a night!

Eleven Paris is available via kemner distribution gmbH & co. kg



Ray Charles

Ray Charles

$665 – harveynichols.com

Alexander Wang black shorts
$1,540 – harveynichols.com

CÉLINE celine sunglasses
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Photo poster
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Samurai Stylist – Damian Foxe

If fashion stylists were given a title within the accomplishments of their work then I would imagine Damian Foxe would be knighted or decreed a samurai. I was stunned as I thumbed through the daily Bloglovin posts and saw these images on Fashion Gone Rogue. I took that moment, that time one rarely takes, to link over and read more. I’m so glad that I did. I discovered an inspirational talent who works with How To Spend It magazine which has been an insert with Financial Times of the UK for over 40 years. Damian Foxe is largely responsible for the magazines great success as he keeps readers coming back to see what new fantasy he has dreamed up to share with the world.

In this particular fantasy you will be swept away by his work with photographer Zena Holloway featuring a world of peaceful floating fairies…underwater! Don’t miss the video which describes the immense amount of planning and work that went into this production. I would go as far as to suggest this photo shoot was the sort most models, photographers, and stylists only get to dream about. It was, no doubt, tremendously difficult but the outcome is breathtaking..literally.

So, without further adieu – I give you the work of Damian Foxe. (applause)

excerpt from web content of How To Spend It

excerpt from web content of How To Spend It


http://howtospendit.ft.com/style/51813-underwater-shoot-dream-weaversDamian Foxe and Zena HollowayDamian Foxe and Zena Holloway

Damian Foxe and Zena Holloway

Even the STARS age

Aging; wrinkles, spots, gravity, fat. It happens to us all…even them. Your spirit, however, remains young and genuine. Nurture what is within. Namaste. Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne. Macaulay Culkin Macauley CulkinMarlon BrandoMarlon BrandoMickey Rourke Mickey RourkeMichael Jackson

Michael JacksonVal Kilmner Val Kilmer

Steven Tyler

Steven TylerPierce BrosnanPierce BrosnanKeith Richards

Keith Richards

John TravoltaJohn TravoltaClint EastwoodClint EastwoodAxl Rose

Axl RoseLindsay LohanLindsay LohanKirstie AlleyKirstie AlleyCarrie FisherCarrie FisherBridget BardotBridget BardotGoldie HawnGoldie Hawn

..and to be fair..ME. I’m not a star, just a silly, normal, everyday girl..who ages.

IMG_0383 Joanna Lea

Be who you are. Love who you are.

Bonnie & Clyde

It all started with car theft. An abandoned Ford in Michigan, which had been reported stolen in Oklahoma, brought on a hunt for what would soon be coined the greatest manhunt known to man; the hunt for Bonnie & Clyde.Bonnie & Clyde

It seems they were born to be criminals. By age 19, Bonnie was married to an imprisoned murderer and when she and Clyde met in 1930 she busted him out of jail via a smuggled gun and ran away with him..never to look back. In the end…the two crime-masters would have committed 13 murders, multiple prisoner breakouts, countless robberies, and car thefts. They formed a posse’ but over time the others either got caught or killed but they always had a network of support. Bonnie & Clyde seemed to be invincible.Portrait-of-American-criminal-Clyde-Barrow Bonnie & Clyde
As time passed the FBI began a full-scale hunt with distribution of “wanted” notices across Louisiana and Texas.Most Wanted
The intel came that they were staying in a remote area of Ruston, Louisiana and Bonnie and Clyde were to attend a party at Black Lake, Louisiana. The law enforcement including Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, hid in bushes along the highway and waited. In the early hours of May 23, 1934 Bonnie & Clyde eased down the road near Sailes, La and the officers opened fire.
Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde were dead within 3 minutes…but the public remains to this day fascinated by the elusive and ever in love “Couple of Crime”. The romance of their affair and ‘on the run’ nostalgia resulted in a style icon following that is still recognizable today.
Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.45.45 AM

Levi Strauss patents the 501 Blue Jean 1847

He came to America from Germany in 1847 and migrated to the west coast during the Gold Rush days. Levi Strauss became a respected businessman with his wholesale dry goods business but upon a letter from Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno, he soon became the most well-known name in fashion history.Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis

Davis explained in his letter how he had developed a method of reinforcing pockets by using metal rivets which was most advantageous for coal miners and hand laborers. Davis wanted to partner with Strauss to patent the design. Strauss was enthusiastic and brought Davis to San Francisco to oversee the manufacturing of his ingenious design. The patent was granted and enforced on May 20, 1873.


On a sad and sobering note, Levi Strauss & Co. was an American Icon; designed and manufactured in San Francisco. But, in 1992, as a result of the massive overseas relocation movement in the textile/garment industry and as a bid to save the company from diving profits, Levi Strauss & Co. all but closed up shop in California and now have their goods produced by third world countries and China.Old Textile Mill

The label “Made in America” is now a collector’s item and old textile shops are haunting grounds. But the Levi’s brand lives on and so do those famous 501’s.


“Levi’s..their not just for gold mining anymore”.


Marilyn Monroe sings Happy B’day Mr. President


On this day in 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday to You” to President John F. Kennedy during a Democratic fundraiser at New York’s Madison Square Garden. After the song JFK simply said..”..well, I can now retire after having ‘happy birthday’ sung to me in such a sweet wholesome manner”.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.15.34 AM

for you…William Shakespear

for you...William Shakespear

Happy Bday Queen Mutha!

Happy Bday Queen Mutha!

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

Lipsy flat shoes
$58 – lipsy.co.uk

White House Black Market gold jewelry

Lipsy enamel bracelet
$20 – lipsy.co.uk

Flower headband
$63 – rocknrose.co.uk

Cara headband

Today in History

Today in History

Aye…the Irish are here.

Aye...the Irish are here.

Graphic t shirt
$25 – lushtshirts.co.uk

Menu vase

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

Butter Lips

Butter Lips