I Will Love You In Death

I Will Love You In Death

Mango white sleeve dress
$72 – johnlewis.com

Bridal handbag

Rock Rebel plastic bead necklace

Face the Fantasy

Halloween for some is an opportunity to become other than what is normal. Enjoy these images for your inspiration and  Happy Boo-ing.

Ghoul Juice Project

This is just a cute idea I wanted to share with you. For Halloween night these little bottles will add a “ghastly” note to your kitchen or decor and the kids will think they are superbly “gross”. Below are the supplies and photo instructions. After you’ve prepared the bottles and your ready for some scary action..fill each bottle about 1/4 full of room temp water and drop in some dry ice pellets (available at grocery stores) and watch the potion rise. Scary On!


  1. Pack of ready made labels from Michael’s, (I got the pack shown for $3 using my 40% off coupon).
  2. 3 clear glass bottles, (got mine at a thrift store for .50¢ each).
  3. Brown, green, and black acrylic paint.
  4. Paint brush, fine grit sand paper, clear varnish.
  5. Dry ice and room temp water.

Halloween Treats

Yep, I have boyz in the house! Tell me one kid that doesn’t break out in a giggle when someone mentions “poop”, “doo-doo”, “snot”, and “fart”…!? I rest my case. Even though MY boyz are too big for treat bags I just had to share my treat bag idea with you all. Maybe the parents and teachers won’t love you so much…but the kids will ALWAYS remember you for this! Be brave this Halloween and eat some Spider Snot, or some Bat DooDoo, or better yet..some Ghost Poo! I dare ‘ya!

Masked Nightingale

Nothing is more sexy and alluring than a mask. I wish we still had Masquerade Balls like in Mozart‘s day. How much fun would it be to design and make your own mask and costume or hire someone like Tom Banwell to master a design just for you! (www.etsy.com/shop/TomBanwell)

Why not consider hosting a Masquerade Ball this year and enliven an age-old and super sexy party idea! Happy Masquerading!

Which Witch?

October is here and Halloween seems to be many people’s favorite time to craft fun, silly, and sometimes scary stuff. Growing up I personally dreaded Halloween because I was a scaredy cat and I hated all the skeletons, vampires, and scary creatures. Thank goodness “Casper the Friendly Ghost” tv cartoon came around to calm me down a bit. (heehee).

Every year I try to make some sort of “friendly fiend”. Today I’m going to share last years project with you. It is relatively easy but will take some time. The most difficult part is that you will need to sculpt a little (nose, eyes, mouth, shoes) with air dry clay…but the rest is basic. Don’t be scared..it sounds more complicated than it really is.

Here We Go!


Note: I bought most of these supplies at Michaels. 

  1. 9″ craft pumpkin (I used a black one but it doesn’t matter what color because you are going to paint it).
  2. Creatology™ air dry clay.
  3. Black foam or stiff felt sheet (large size-this is for the hat).
  4. Black Marabou feather boa.
  5. Paint: dark green, pale green, red, orange, black.
  6. Small paintbrush, Medium paintbrush, foam brush.
  7. Crackle medium or Elmer’s™ Glue.
  8. 1″ painters tape.
  9. 2 wooden dowels.
  10. 4 brass eyes (hardware).
  11. 2 marbles (cat eyes).
  12. Black pipe cleaners.
  13. Hot Glue Gun.
  14. Wire Pliers.


Note: Prepare an area with newspaper and be near a socket for your hot glue gun.

  1. Paint the pumpkin dark green and let dry.
  2. While the pumpkin is drying begin sculpting your eye sockets, nose, warts, mouth, and shoes. I have taken close up pictures for you to use as a guide (see bottom of post). Sculpting is the tricky part but just take your time until you are satisfied. Special Notes: The eye sockets must fit around the eye balls (marbles). The shoes need to fit onto the end of the sticks. The facial features must contour the roundness of the pumpkin because they will be glued onto the surface of the pumpkin.
  3. Allow the sculpted items to dry only after you have glued them onto the pumpkin using your hot glue gun.
  4. After the clay has dried paint the eyes and nose dark green too. Paint the lips dark red and the teeth white. Paint the shoes black.
  5. As the above items are drying get your wooden dowels out and half each of them so that you have 4 pieces. Connect them with tiny brass eyes one of which you will need to “open” with wire pliers and latch into the other mate, then close again. [one end of the eye screws into the wood end]
  6. Take your 1″ painters tape and wrap pieces around wooden dowels to form the orange and black striped stockings.
  7. Paint exposed 1″ areas with orange paint. After this dries, remove tape and paint remaining exposed areas with black paint.
  8. Now your pumpkin should be dry and you can paint on the crackle medium with your foam brush. If you use glue to make the crackle be sure you dilute it 2 parts glue to 1 part water. Don’t forget to paint the medium on your facial features too (not lips).
  9. Before the crackle medium dries paint on the pale green color.
  10.  To speed up the drying process you can hold a hair dryer about 10″ from surface. You should begin to see cracks exposing the darker green color underneath.
  11. Add dark green shading around eyes and nose and mouth. Add shading to mouth (I used black paint). Put her some eye liner on if you wish (I even added some false eyelashes) and paint her warts black.
  12. Now the hat: Fold the foam into a pointed cylinder and trim excess. Hot glue the edges together. Place the feather trim around large end and at pointed end. Then, hot glue the hat onto your pretty witch.
  13. Wrap the knees and area above shoes with the black pipe cleaners and twist ends to secure.
  14. Hot glue the legs to the bottom of the “head” and glue remaining feather boa around bottom of “head”.

YOU DID IT! See? Not so hard but maybe a little scary…

PS: Please share your witch and submit a picture in the comments. I would love to see yours! :0)